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February 2013 on SEETA
by Anna Parisi - Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 4:51 PM

Dear Moodlers,

F   stands for February and....

Frenzyyy!   TPR  Frenzyyy !! That 's what  Raymond Kerr has in store for us on his live webinar on SEETA  16th February ,12.00-13.00 GMT. A practical workshop with lots of activities using TPR in the young learner classrooom. Raymong will surprise you with his fabulous ideas and you'll achieve the impossible : surprise your young learners.  Frenzyyyy !                              Enrol on Raymond's course on 12 February and  take part in the TPR Quiz. There are prizes for the winners.

• Our February blog comes from a darker side of life: Prison. Our blogger, Agoritsa Papahatzi, will share her experiences of teaching English behind bars and locked doors but open windows: In Prison. Join Agoritsa on SEETA 18-22 February. 

• The February SEETA article is on mobility disability. It's a actually a lesson plan facilitating teachers in developing students' social conscience and  encouraging critical thinking . Download and use 'Disability' by Philip Kerr, in the SEETA Articles Bank.

• On 18 February  turn on your mikes and switch on your cameras to take part in the SEETA Webchat on Reflective Teaching at 9pm GMT. Join our hosts Nora Touparlaki, Ljubica Ruzinska, Anastasia Loukeris and Sandra Vida to hare ideas and have your questions answered. If you want to take part in the SEETA survey on Reflective Teaching join the SEETA Webchat and Teachers' Lounge area now. The survey is on. 

• Join the 'Teachers Lounge': the SEETA Community forum to share your teaching ideas and find new ones. Or just chat about this and that . Current topics in the forum : slide video method, storybird and drama in the classroom. 

• Last but not least, post your questions to ELT trainers and authors and we'll find a way to get them answered. Join the ongoing forum 'What  I wanna know is..' hosted by Philip Kerr.

See you on line !