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  • Young Learners: Tips and Tricks !   

    Young Learners: Tips and Tricks Roleplay - Fortune telling and palmistry

    Amazing Systems for Teaching English to YL!• Teach and Practise the Simple Past Tense       

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  • SEETA  Teachers'  Lounge

    SEETA Teachers' Lounge

    On-going community forum

    My favourite .....is ? Behaviour Management: weirdest tips ?

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  • Coming Your Way

    Ellie BoyazdhievammDr Terry Lamb

    SEETA Interviews by Philip Kerr  

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    Dr Ellie Boyadzhieva and Dr Terry Lamb

  • Desert  Island  Discs

    Roger House

    April  2014

    SEETA Music DJ :  Roger House     

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  • KEEP CALM and BLOG !

    SEETA  BOOKLET   2013-2014  

    Join us on a collaborative project : a SEETA Booklet on how to become  a successful  blogger!  See the project as it's happening and find out how you can contribute. 


  • Welcome 

          New      Teachers   heart 

    SEETA  BOOKLET  2013-2014 

    What advice would you give to new teachers ?  Post your article to the forum to be included in the  SEETA Booklet for new teachers ! 

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  • Our Conferences 

    Our Conferences

    February -March- April May  2014

    Call for papers, interviews, photos, and much more 

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  • How To ......

    web 2.0 tools

    web 2.0 tools

    Find out out how to use some popular web 2.0 tools. Read teachers' experiences and share tips and ideas. Follow 'how-to- videos. 

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  • World  Poetry  Day Competition

    POetry Competition! Competition winner:Branca Daceski (ELTA Serbia) 

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  • Respecting    Diversity 

    Respecting Diversity June  2014 

    A Social Inclusion project for schools

    The International Olympic Truce Centre, The British Council   and SEETA have prepared for you this 1-week course. 

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  • Yoga In The ESL classroom  

    Yoga In The ESL Education

    Watch  the  Webinar here 

    RYE  Bulgaria  and  Mariana Dimitrova 

    RYE - Research on Yoga in Education 

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  • Teaching English Through Film

    Kieran Donaghy Watch the Webinar HERE  

    Kieran Donaghy 

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  • How many brains does a teacher need ?

    Gulsum 24-28 March  2014


    A blog that explores the overload of a teacher's duties and yet we still enjoy it!'

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